2018 Auditions

Level-2: On-line/On-site Audition

1.      On-line Audition

a.       All participants taking part in 3iii competition are registered by default for on-line audition.

b.      Participants opting for on-line audition at level-1 will be shortlisted to move to Level-2 as per evaluation of Gee Panel of Judges as only qualified videos will be moved to level-2 for on-line audition. There will be no voting at level-1.

2.      On-site Audition

a.       Check On-site Check Box:

  1. Participants interested in on-site audition need to check on-site Check Box in-front of on-line radio button, if they are interested in on-site audition
  2.  On-site auditions will be arranged for selected ICON states only
  3.  Minimum 100 participants are required for on-site audition
  4. Participants interested in on-site audition will be informed about on-site audition date and venue, if they are interested will need to pay additional on-site audition fees i.e., $50/- in addition on on-line competition fees.
    1.  Once paid they will be confirmed for on-site audition
  5. Participants opting for on-site audition will be evaluated on-site live by  Gee Panel of Judges and may be
    1. directly moved to Level-3 for State ICON competition of their ICON State
    2. advised to prepare a video as per Judges guidance and submit for on-line audition
    3. told to be better prepared for next year (Cannot move forward)  
      1. Rejected participants, if like may can re-register if registration is still open but will need to pay registration fees and use a different e-mail ID.

3.      3iii Competition and audition fees are non-refundable

  1. On-site audition fees will be refunded if on-site audition is cancelled by Gee Vision Inc. due to any reason
  2. Onsite audition fees will not be refunded if participant is not able to attend on-site audition due to any reason